Hello, welcome to MarxBrain. We are a small development studio based in beautiful Washington State. We create awesome websites, user interfaces, cloud services, databases, and other digital stuff. We're here to make you and your business stand out from the crowd.

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Creative Ideas

Here at Marxbrain we create intriguing visuals, so engaging that visitors can't help but stay for the ride. Impactful graphics mixed with expert foundational designs make our clients business presence on the web unforgettable.


Innovation is a creative, dynamic process that can't be fully encapsulated in a series of how-to steps. Instead, innovation is a repertoire of skills in creatively monitoring and understanding user needs and developing web structures to meet those needs.

Design and Development

We specialize in custom application solutions that fit your needs. Whether it is as simple as a newsletter or photo gallery, or as advanced as overseas inventory management, we can create an application that streamlines your data and makes it work for you.

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Our services.

Web Design

MarxBrain creates a range of options for our clients. Whether you have your own design or template you need implemented, want an affordable CMS website, or you require a custom web design with custom applications, we provides dynamic web sites that are innovative and fresh. Our specialty is providing clean functionality with both eye catching design and professional appeal.

Web Development

Have you ever visited a website that is slow to load or full of glitches? That kind of site drives customers away because it was poorly programmed. MarxBrain's team of custom programmers can code any size project and make it work like a Swiss watch.

Data Services

MarxBrain is well versed in Microsoft SQL and can offer you quick, robust and efficient solutions for a variety of problems. Understanding that the needs of each client are unique, we are able to create solutions that are as dynamic as your business. We can also expose your data via Web Services, or a cloud based data solution.

Tablet Development

MarxBrain has been involved with Tablet Development since 2005 when Microsoft launched Windows XP Tablet Edition. We have extensive experience in handwriting, shape, and grammar recognition using .Net Ink classes. Let us push your business mobile with a custom tablet solution.

Windows 8 Store Apps

MarxBrain has teamed with Leszynski Group to invest R & D into Windows Store Applications. Utilizing Microsoft's new offerings of Surface and Win 8 phone we are able to align your company with the latest in Windows technology.

Email us!

For our clients that really cant decide where to go or what to do, please drop us a line and let us offer you a 100% FREE consultation.  We can collaborate over the phone, email, or in person if you are local to Washington state.  Email Us! and lets get started.

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Web hosting.

MarxBrian has partnered with WinHost in order to pass on amazing savings to our customers. By clicking the links below you will be redirected to WinHost, where you will receive our partner discount.

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Template sites.

MarxBrain offers many customizable templates to facilitate a lower price for our clients. Using tried and true prebuilt web templates gives you the peace of mind of a tested site. MarxBrain can quickly and efficiently modify any of these templates for your use. We have a deeply discounted price if you choose one of our predefined sites to begin our project with. Of course we can always design a new look and feel based on your personal needs!

Template legalese.

The templates used by MarxBrain are released and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License, which means that you are free to use and modify it for any personal or commercial purpose. Some of these templates were acquired by sources other than MarxBrain. We have taken care to only use or reuse templates that follow the same licensing model as our own templates.

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About us.

MarxBrain uses an iterative development process in every project.

Our Process

  • Market Evaluation
  • Gathering required information for finding the best possible solution
  • Critical analysis of the requirement
  • Designing a proper plan for achieving the target of solution
  • Implementation of the plan
  • Quality-check of created solution
  • Execution of the solution on the desired platform
  • Maintenance and fixing errors

Our Approach

We collaborate with our clients early on and in an engaging way. This means that we deliver usable (preview) versions of the solution early and often. By reviewing versions throughout the project, clients can make suggestions, evaluate performance, and refine requirements, helping to enhance the quality and usefulness of the end solution.


Mark was a software engineer to support our team. He was a very dedicated resorurce - doing thinks like working on Thanksgiving to meet our deadlines. One of Marks greatest assets is his ability to switch from technology to technology, We brought Mark on board to build Silverlight assets for our partners, but he also was able to provide us with some mobile solutions. When we needed more focus on SharePoint Mark was also able to step in and play the role as a technical architect for our partners. I have hired Mark on a number of occasions as he has always been able to deliver what is needed in a professional manner and also do whatever it takes to get the job done.

— Kenneth Vassallo, Microsoft

Mark provided technical support for my business development efforts with Microsoft partners. Since the technology was still under development there was a lot of ambiguity, which Mark was a master at solving. His solutions were creative, thoughtful, and soundly implemented. He was also a whiz with the partners. Mark can pitch his technical explanations at whatever level is needed for a successful outcome, whether that be a developer looking for specific implantation guidance or a business executive trying to see where the technology can help with his objectives.

— Jeff Dirks, Microsoft

Mark is an exceptional engineer whose approach to tackling issues is both innovative and creative. He strives to push ahead of the current state of the art and immerses himself fully in expanding his knowledge of emerging technologies.

— Harry Akaki, Wallingford Research & Design
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Get in touch.

We are typically very busy around here, aligning all those 1's and 0's. Feel free to contact us using the form below or the links on the right.

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